Let’s Talk About Venues


Hey everyone. So I think Thursdays will be the day where I share updates on how my own wedding planning is going. We’re not getting married for over a year yet, but we’re already sort of getting the big things out of the way, which makes me happier than you’d believe. One of those things is our reception venue.


There was one little part of J’s family who was trying to convince us to do a destination wedding to save costs. Sure, it would be less expensive for us, but there would be a huge amount of people we would want there who wouldn’t be able to do that. My whole immediate family couldn’t afford it, not to mention J’s best man who has a baby on the way with one of my bridesmaids, and his 85 year old grandmother. Overall, we decided that the extra cost having it here was worth it, and we booked the venue we’d been discussing pretty much since we got engaged.


It’s called Barnet Park in the town of Calabogie, about 45 minutes from us. It’s also where J’s mom grew up and most of that side of the family lives. It’s known mostly for being a ski resort town, but it’s just as pretty in the summer, and the park is right by the lake, which is something I loved. We went to actually take a good look at the place about a week ago, and I fell in love with it. There’s a little cottage there, but the reception will be in a tent outside. There’s a gazebo and a little beach. and it’ll just be fantastic for pictures and everything. The first thing that I noticed though that gave me a good indication we’d made the right choice was the flowers in front of the cottage. There was hydrangeas which I’m about 99% certain are going to be my wedding flowers. It was honestly like a dream come true.