5 Wedding Trends I Hate


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Tuesday feature where I discuss different wedding trends and other aspects of weddings and my opinions on them. For this first entry, I will be a bit on the negative side and talk about wedding trends I hate.


5. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I’m kicking off the list with this trend that seems to have become huge over the past little bit. I will admit that I have seen this trend done well, especially when dresses are similar lengths and colours. Other times though, you end up with things like this:


Sure the tones sort of go together, but other than that, there’s no unifying aspect. It ends up looking cluttered to me and overall, I’m not a huge fan of it.

4. Floral Crowns on Brides

I know the bohemian style has been in for the past few years, and like the mismatched dresses above, I have seen floral crowns done well. Most times however, it is not. I find it comes across as almost tacky and definitely childish. I feel like we should leave the little floral crowns to our younger members of the bridal party.


See? Doesn’t she look adorable?

3. Naked Cakes

Now, I will admit that some of my hatred towards naked cakes may come from my personal experience. My mom is amazing at decorating cakes. She did her own wedding cake, and I’ve asked her to do mine as well. I just find a well decorated cake looks better than, well this.


The flowers look nice, but to be perfectly honest, if I’m paying someone a lot of money to make me a cake, I want it to look finished. I honestly feel these naked cakes are a huge ripoff for the customer. Its the icing of a cake and the decoration that takes the longest. This is basically baking the cake, assembling it, adding a few details and voila, a half-assed cake.

2. Brooch Bouquets

I understand wanting to keep your real bouquet and throwing a fake one. I definitely understand wanting to keep costs down for your wedding by not having real flowers, but there are plenty of other options that look better than these brooch bouquets I’ve been seeing everywhere. I’d even suggest paper flowers over these things,


This is just a jeweled mess. Besides, if you are trying to keep costs down, I feel that using paper flowers, or fake fabric flowers from Walmart or a craft store would end up being cheaper than buying one of these. The “nicer” looking ones seem to average $200 and over.

1. Fancy “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Things

This is the number one trend that irks me to no end. All these fancy ways of asking people to be a bridesmaid in your wedding. I’m constantly seeing them on my Pinterest feed and all I can say is why?


Why do brides these days feel compelled to ask their bridesmaids if they’ll do that honour in some fancy-schmancy way that often involves giving them a gift? Why not just talk to them and ask “Hey, do you want to be a bridesmaid in my wedding?” That’s what I did, and none of my bridesmaids were upset or disappointed that I didn’t do it in some creative, unique way. My fiancé’s cousin was bouncing off the walls when I asked her. Honestly, I feel that if those you want as your bridesmaids are even worth having as bridesmaids, they won’t ask for or expect some kind of gift for being in your wedding. They’ll do it from the goodness of their hearts. Now, I’m not saying don’t give them a gift if you’d like to. It’s a nice thing to do and I already have mine being worked on. Just don’t give them something when you ask. It feels like a bribe to me.

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