Well oops…


I almost forgot I even made this blog. Oops!


Either way, I’m not letting that happen again, so this time, I’m going to try and do a little update every day on this blog, whether it be sharing some of my plans/ideas for my own wedding, or posting about some weddings I’ve found that I love.


So I guess a good start would be telling you about my engagement story.


I mentioned before that my fiancé (Let’s call him J) and I met at karaoke. Well, he also proposed to me at karaoke. It was the night before my birthday and I was having a dinner there with family. The bar was pretty packed that night. A bunch of J’s coworkers showed up and I thought that maybe they’d all just decided to come out as a work group. Little did I know exactly why they’d come.


Either way, during dinner, J told me that he’d forgot my present at home. I said that was okay and I’d see him tomorrow anyways so I could get it then. It’s later on in the night around midnight and J goes up to sing and proclaims to the entire bar that he was a horrible boyfriend and he’d forgotten my birthday present at home, so he’s going to sing a song for me. They bring out a stool to the middle of the dance-floor type area and I sit on it. He starts singing “Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd. At the end of it, he starts dancing with me and then after it finishes. he says “You know I’m not done right?” He gets down on one knee, does the whole little speech thing and I couldn’t even say yes because I was so shocked. I just nodded my head like crazy. Literally every person in the bar knew what was going to happen except me. It was a pretty crazy night


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