Trend Tuesday: 5 Wedding Trends I Love


Hey everyone. So last Tuesday, I posted about 5 wedding trends I hate. Today I thought I’d go for the other side of the coin. These are some popular wedding trends that I can not get enough of.

5. Mason Jars

Yes I know, you’re all rolling your eyes and thinking “Oh god not mason jars, they’re so overdone” but I honestly can not get enough of them and the variety of ways people use them. I’ve seen them used as glasses (sometimes there’s even been a stem added). I’ve seen them arranged in a multitude of ways in centerpieces. I’ve seen them covered in burlap, ribbons, lace, chalkboard paint, you name it. I’ve even seen them used in the lighting.


masonjarSo yes, mason jars have been used in weddings in every possible way imaginable, but I can never get enough of them.


4. Funky Groomsmen Socks

I’m always up for a little bit of originality in a wedding and I find that colourful groomsmen socks are an awesome way to do it. It provides great photo opportunities and a laugh from the guests. It’s a nice little fun touch.


3. Chair Signs

When I’m talking chair signs, I mean those cute little signs on the back of the bride and grooms chairs. Most times they say “Mr” and “Mrs.” or “Bride” and “Groom” and they’re pretty cute like that, but then you get into the more creative ones.


Chair signs have been one of my favourite trends since I started planning my wedding and saw them. I find it a cute little touch and yet another way to bring the personalities of the couple into the wedding.

2. “Something Blue” Shoes

I’ve noticed that quite a few brides nowadays aren’t sticking with classic white shoes. Instead, they’ll use their footwear as their “something blue”. I personally love the idea and am about 95% certain I’ll be doing that. I find it provides a nice pop against the white of the dress in some photos, especially when the shoes in question are a darker blue.


And my favourite wedding trend?

1. Succulents

Succulents have been EVERYWHERE in the past little bit and I think they are such an interesting addition to weddings. I remember my mom having some in our garden when I was a kid (although she called them something else) so when I first saw them used in a wedding, I leapt right at them. And like mason jars, they have many uses. I’ve seen escort cards doubling as a favour. I’ve seen them on cakes, centerpieces and in bouquets, where I think they can look absolutely stunning.

emily g photography Portland Headshot Photographer

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Make-It Mondays (A day late oops): Getting Creative with Confetti


So I planned to put this up yesterday, but my laptop charger broke and I didn’t get to. Either way, Mondays will be a feature called Make-It Mondays where I discuss different DIY projects and ideas you can throw into your wedding.   Today the topic is confetti, you know, the fun stuff they throw as the newly married couple walks back down the aisle together? There are so many options out there for confetti that suit every couple’s tastes and wants.   For example. what I’m planning on doing for my wedding is making origami “lucky stars” for people to throw out of paper in my colours. In the end, they’ll look something like this.


I chose lucky stars because of this comic I read involving them and I loved the story behind it.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, why not have a confetti bar where your guests can mix and match different confetti to celebrate?


I’ve come across some rather quirky and colourful ideas including little pompoms and sprinkles, which would definitely pop in your photographs.



Coloured streamers make for some really neat photographs as well.

Ruffled - photo by -

If you really want to be adventurous and colourful (if you and your guests don’t mind a LOT of mess), you could always try using some coloured holi powder.


 By contrast, if you’d prefer little to no mess, little bottles of bubbles are probably the best way to go.


Now if you’re already bogged down with every other wedding detail that you don’t have time to worry about silly little things like confetti, don’t fret. Etsy has tons of premade confetti in just about any form and colour you could want.

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Let’s Talk About Venues


Hey everyone. So I think Thursdays will be the day where I share updates on how my own wedding planning is going. We’re not getting married for over a year yet, but we’re already sort of getting the big things out of the way, which makes me happier than you’d believe. One of those things is our reception venue.


There was one little part of J’s family who was trying to convince us to do a destination wedding to save costs. Sure, it would be less expensive for us, but there would be a huge amount of people we would want there who wouldn’t be able to do that. My whole immediate family couldn’t afford it, not to mention J’s best man who has a baby on the way with one of my bridesmaids, and his 85 year old grandmother. Overall, we decided that the extra cost having it here was worth it, and we booked the venue we’d been discussing pretty much since we got engaged.


It’s called Barnet Park in the town of Calabogie, about 45 minutes from us. It’s also where J’s mom grew up and most of that side of the family lives. It’s known mostly for being a ski resort town, but it’s just as pretty in the summer, and the park is right by the lake, which is something I loved. We went to actually take a good look at the place about a week ago, and I fell in love with it. There’s a little cottage there, but the reception will be in a tent outside. There’s a gazebo and a little beach. and it’ll just be fantastic for pictures and everything. The first thing that I noticed though that gave me a good indication we’d made the right choice was the flowers in front of the cottage. There was hydrangeas which I’m about 99% certain are going to be my wedding flowers. It was honestly like a dream come true.

Wednesday Wedding Dump!


Welcome to the Wednesday Wedding Dump where I share with you my favourite posts from other wedding blogs within the last week.


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5 Wedding Trends I Hate


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Tuesday feature where I discuss different wedding trends and other aspects of weddings and my opinions on them. For this first entry, I will be a bit on the negative side and talk about wedding trends I hate.


5. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I’m kicking off the list with this trend that seems to have become huge over the past little bit. I will admit that I have seen this trend done well, especially when dresses are similar lengths and colours. Other times though, you end up with things like this:


Sure the tones sort of go together, but other than that, there’s no unifying aspect. It ends up looking cluttered to me and overall, I’m not a huge fan of it.

4. Floral Crowns on Brides

I know the bohemian style has been in for the past few years, and like the mismatched dresses above, I have seen floral crowns done well. Most times however, it is not. I find it comes across as almost tacky and definitely childish. I feel like we should leave the little floral crowns to our younger members of the bridal party.


See? Doesn’t she look adorable?

3. Naked Cakes

Now, I will admit that some of my hatred towards naked cakes may come from my personal experience. My mom is amazing at decorating cakes. She did her own wedding cake, and I’ve asked her to do mine as well. I just find a well decorated cake looks better than, well this.


The flowers look nice, but to be perfectly honest, if I’m paying someone a lot of money to make me a cake, I want it to look finished. I honestly feel these naked cakes are a huge ripoff for the customer. Its the icing of a cake and the decoration that takes the longest. This is basically baking the cake, assembling it, adding a few details and voila, a half-assed cake.

2. Brooch Bouquets

I understand wanting to keep your real bouquet and throwing a fake one. I definitely understand wanting to keep costs down for your wedding by not having real flowers, but there are plenty of other options that look better than these brooch bouquets I’ve been seeing everywhere. I’d even suggest paper flowers over these things,


This is just a jeweled mess. Besides, if you are trying to keep costs down, I feel that using paper flowers, or fake fabric flowers from Walmart or a craft store would end up being cheaper than buying one of these. The “nicer” looking ones seem to average $200 and over.

1. Fancy “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Things

This is the number one trend that irks me to no end. All these fancy ways of asking people to be a bridesmaid in your wedding. I’m constantly seeing them on my Pinterest feed and all I can say is why?


Why do brides these days feel compelled to ask their bridesmaids if they’ll do that honour in some fancy-schmancy way that often involves giving them a gift? Why not just talk to them and ask “Hey, do you want to be a bridesmaid in my wedding?” That’s what I did, and none of my bridesmaids were upset or disappointed that I didn’t do it in some creative, unique way. My fiancé’s cousin was bouncing off the walls when I asked her. Honestly, I feel that if those you want as your bridesmaids are even worth having as bridesmaids, they won’t ask for or expect some kind of gift for being in your wedding. They’ll do it from the goodness of their hearts. Now, I’m not saying don’t give them a gift if you’d like to. It’s a nice thing to do and I already have mine being worked on. Just don’t give them something when you ask. It feels like a bribe to me.

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Well oops…


I almost forgot I even made this blog. Oops!


Either way, I’m not letting that happen again, so this time, I’m going to try and do a little update every day on this blog, whether it be sharing some of my plans/ideas for my own wedding, or posting about some weddings I’ve found that I love.


So I guess a good start would be telling you about my engagement story.


I mentioned before that my fiancé (Let’s call him J) and I met at karaoke. Well, he also proposed to me at karaoke. It was the night before my birthday and I was having a dinner there with family. The bar was pretty packed that night. A bunch of J’s coworkers showed up and I thought that maybe they’d all just decided to come out as a work group. Little did I know exactly why they’d come.


Either way, during dinner, J told me that he’d forgot my present at home. I said that was okay and I’d see him tomorrow anyways so I could get it then. It’s later on in the night around midnight and J goes up to sing and proclaims to the entire bar that he was a horrible boyfriend and he’d forgotten my birthday present at home, so he’s going to sing a song for me. They bring out a stool to the middle of the dance-floor type area and I sit on it. He starts singing “Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd. At the end of it, he starts dancing with me and then after it finishes. he says “You know I’m not done right?” He gets down on one knee, does the whole little speech thing and I couldn’t even say yes because I was so shocked. I just nodded my head like crazy. Literally every person in the bar knew what was going to happen except me. It was a pretty crazy night

Hello World


I see you’ve stumbled across my little corner of the web. Welcome to Canadian Bride Blogging. Here is where you’ll find my ideas and inspirations as they come.


I guess I should introduce myself a bit. My name is Kaitlyn. I’m 20 years old from the lovely province of Ontario. I’m getting married in about a year and a half, June 2015. I’m still trying to process it myself. My fiancé and I both love music (In fact we met at karaoke but that’s for another post) so we’re going with a music themed wedding, with karaoke of course.


Other than music, I love to read and I’m a bit of a nerd. I love Harry Potter, comic book superheroes (Mostly DC ones with the exception of the X-Men), Homestuck, Doctor Who, and my fiancé got me into World of Warcraft. I’m also a die-hard Ottawa Senators fan.


Either way, I’m excited to start blogging and sharing with you all the ideas and inspirations that are influencing me.